Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sign Up Genius

Every year our kindergarten has a friendship feast. Each class is required to make a dish to pass and share with ALL of the kindergarten students. Our school has five kindergarten classes with roughly 20 students in each class. Yikes! Although this event takes lots of planning, the outcome is amazing! All of the students come to the gym with a handmade hat and placemat. We have long strips of paper laid on the gym floor as their tables and children get to sit wherever they would like. After the principal shares a holiday story, the children get to sample all of the different foods that the classes made. It is so wonderful to hear the students talk about the food that they made and hear how proud they are. 

This year my class will be making  Fruit Pizza. I like to ask parents for donations on events like this and would get so frustrated keeping track of who was bringing what. Luckily I found year. I highly suggest giving it at try! The website is free, easy to use, and even has the option to send parents reminders. I decided not to invite parents via email and listed the link on my newsletter instead. I love anything that will save on paper. 

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