Monday, December 19, 2016

Student Clipboard Gifts

   I always try to start the school year off with ideas about what gifts I will give my littles for Christmas and graduation, but those ideas always seem to change as I get to know my students. It seems that every year the children are interested in something different. Two years ago the children loved chapter books, last year fancy pens, and this year ... clipboards.  My students LOVE clipboards! I have been collecting them for the last few years so I have a handful and they are one of my most popular items. In our class students can choose to write at their table spot or find a quiet place to work, using a clipboard as their writing surface. The rule in our class is, if you choose a clipboard, it is a 0 voice area. (This rule has helped focus clipboards from a social area to a working area). Using this passion as a guide, I decided to customize clipboards for each of my students to bring home. 


Scrapbook paper
Rubber Cement
Letter Stencils
Stickers (Optional)


1. Trace out student names on scrapbook paper and cut out.
2. Use rubber cement to glue the letters 
3. Add stickers under the clipboard clip so students can do some of their own decorating.

Although this project was a little time consuming, it was a fun craft project that my students will surely enjoy.

Added notes

* I bought the clipboards from Dollar Tree, only costing one dollar each.
*I tried using Mod Podge, but it ended up staining the clipboards and not sticking well. I strongly suggest rubber cement.
* If you pick a busier paper, I found it best to trace the names to make them easier to read.
* Don't forget to print out one of these fun color by numbers so that students can practice using their clipboards right away.

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